Class of 2020 Q&A

InspireNOLA Charter Schools- Class of 2020 FAQs
Updated: 4/17/2020

Last Day to Submit Assignments
Last day for seniors to submit assignments is Friday, May 8, 2020. 

Last Instructional Day for Seniors
Last instructional day for seniors is Friday, May 8, 2020.
InspireNOLA Charter Schools is committed to having an in-person graduation for each of our high schools to recognize the momentous achievement of our graduating seniors. 
We would ideally like to host graduations in July or August 2020, but this is contingent on social distancing directives mandated by the federal, state, and local government. 
InspireNOLA will provide more details and information with the date and details of graduation once available. 

Senior Trip/Activities-Fees
All students who paid towards their senior trip and activities will be reimbursed by the school in which the fees were paid to. School business managers and administrators will arrange reimbursement procedures, which will be communicated to parents at a later date.
Reimbursements cannot be processed until school buildings are open and school staff members can safely enter. 
As per the Mayor’s social distancing mandate for the City of New Orleans, school buildings cannot reopen until Monday, May 18th. Therefore, InspireNOLA will begin processing refunds after that date. 

Credit Recovery
Students who are missing carnegie units should be enrolled in credit recovery through Edmentum. Students should be aggressively working to complete and pass each module and the exam(s) at the end of each module. For more information, or to track your progress, contact your school administrator. The deadline to complete and pass all credit recovery classes, and to be eligible for graduation is April 30, 2020. 

EOC (End-of-Course exams)
End-of-course exams are state mandated exams that ensure student mastery. 
According to the Louisiana Department of Education, seniors do not have to take standardized tests or achieve industry-based credentials (IBCs) to earn a diploma. The spring LEAP 2025 assessment window has been cancelled, and the requirement has been waived for currently enrolled seniors who will graduate by August 31, 2020. 

If a senior has not had the opportunity to take the ACT, it is not required for graduation, but it may be needed for scholarships (TOPS). The rescheduled state ACT administration is June 2, 2020. 

AP (Advanced Placement)
AP exams will be administered remotely through a secure access link provided by The College Board. 
AP exams test dates will range between May 11th-May 22nd. Your child’s school and AP teachers will provide AP test prep, as well as specific instructions for testing. 
Devices could be available through InspireNOLA Charter Schools for those AP students needing technology support. Please contact your school leadership if you are in need of technology to take an AP exam. 

Letter Grades
A, B, C, and D grades will be used to determine students' final grades in each class. Please refer to the InspireNOLA grading scale below for grade, percentage, and quality points. 

grading scale

Seniors will now have until September 30th to receive a qualifying score (20 or higher), without penalty. However, students must still earn a qualifying ACT score and meet the TOPS Core Curriculum GPA requirement (2.5 or higher).

One (1) official transcript will be provided along with your child’s high school diploma.
An official final transcript will be sent by the senior counselor to the college/university your child will enroll in. 
Any additional official transcripts should be requested by submitting a request in writing by mail to the school office; additional official transcripts are a fee of $10. 


Edna Karr High School 
Dr. Sunday Barjon

Eleanor McMain Secondary School
Mrs.Shontell M. Dolliole

McDonogh 35 Senior High School

Ms. Gail Winsey

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